Caster Selection Criteria

How To Select The Perfect Caster and Wheel

Thanks to superior design and manufacturing, every Darcor caster offers significant  advantages over competitive products, delivering  increased productivity and reduced injury and maintenance-related costs. That said, choosing the optimum Darcor caster for the job and for a  unique work environment can dramatically enhance Darcor Return on Investment (DROI) by increasing both the life and performance of the caster and  its ergonomic benefits.

There are four fundamental factors that determine which of our products is best for any specific application:

Required Load Capacity

This is the most important criterion for caster choice. In general, each caster should have the capacity to support one-third of the total load weight, because overloading, uneven floors and load distribution may place a heavier burden on one or more casters.

mobility needs

Mobility Needs

The larger the wheel size (and swivel radius), the greater the mobility. The type of bearing selected will also improve mobility and reduce rolling resistance. Darcor's Neoprene, Super Roll Neoprene, Solid Elastomer, and Urethane wheels offer maximum mobility .

floor conditions

Floor Conditions

What are your floors like? Check for rough or uneven surfaces–joints, grates, potholes–and for oil, grease and solvents or a variety of other chemicals or contaminants. In addition, note any carpeted areas or areas where non-marking qualities are critical.

environment conditions

Environment Conditions

Check for dust, humidity and temperature extremes. Are the floors littered with debris? Darcor Cartwashable™ Casters with sealed swivels are ideal in areas with sprays or wash-down requirements where there is lint or dust and where extreme quiet is essential.

other application considerations

Other Application Considerations

Check the speed of your operation. Are you using towline vehicles or Automatic Guided Vehicles? Most casters are rated for "walking speed." Higher speed applications require specialized casters to maintain load capacity and dissipate heat buildup.