Technical Overview

At Darcor, we are dedicated to providing all the usable technical information we can to expand your knowledge of our company, our capabilities, and our products--and to assure optimum configuration and use of our casters to generate the highest possible Darcor Return on Investment (DROI).  If you can't find exactly what you are looking for in this section, please use the email form in Ask Our Engineerse below to contact our Engineering Department.

Darcor 2014 Article Series

How a High Quality Caster Can Benefit Your Company

By researching and selecting the right caster solution, a company reduces the probability of workplace injuries such as overexertion, slips and falls etc., but can also increase the speed and productivity in which work gets done.

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10 Key Material Handling Tips

Learn the 10 key material handling tips for reducing the financial and human cost of manual material handling injuries.

Caster CAD Drawings

Download three-dimensional CAD renderingsof many of our most popular caster/wheel configurations.  New product files are regularly added.

mobility simulator

Mobility Simulator

This graphic device allows you to compare the forces required to roll or swivel Darcor casters with those required to move competitive casters in real applications..


Our interative webinar provides a wealth of information on the "what "and "why" of the advantages to your organization of using Darcor Casters. Sign up here to participate.

Testing Facilities

Darcor has invested heavily in state-of-the-art testing facilities for quality control and to quantify the competitive advantages our casters provide. Here's a brief explanation.

Caster Selection Criteria

Some very fundamental concepts  should shape your decision on what Darcor caster is right for each application within your organization.  This is where the process starts.

Caster Ergonomics

Every Darcor caster is shaped by a thorough application of  the principles of ergonomic design.  Here  is an introductory description of the concepts which drive the process.

White Paper

This document provides a wealth of background information on the science of ergonomics applied to caster design and  safer and more efficient material  handling.

Caster Industry Links

You are just a click away from a variety of electronic links to key sources of  constantly updated, independent information on all aspects of the worldwide caster industry.


Conversion Calculator

Darcor products are sold throughout the world and measured in both metric and imperial units.  These tables will assist in converting data from one system to the other. 

Caster Info & Glossary of Terms

Its tough to assure we all speak from the same understanding when it comes to caster design, specification and use. Here's help with the the key words and concepts. 

Ask Our Engineers

Haven't been able to find what you're looking for?  Still searching for information and understanding? Our engineers want to hear from you via a convenient email form.