Workplace Ergonomics & Caster Technology


Heavy duty casters to enhance industrial ergonomics

Ergonomics is the study of human abilities, limitations and other characteristics relevant to product design. Its objective is to ensure that workplace stress, fatigue, and injury are minimized and productivity maximized. Long before it became a buzzword, workplace ergonomics was the basis of everything we did and continue to do at Darcor—creating casters that simultaneously achieve three objectives:  
  • cutting costs
  • increasing output
  • reducing workplace injuries.
  Because Darcor casters are better designed and manufactured to closer tolerances, testing proves that they start, move, swivel and absorb shock far more easily than competitive products. In turn, this allows operators to move heavier loads more quickly and reliably with less strain and greater safety. In addition, user experience has shown that our casters also sharply reduce serious overexertion injuries which, in the US alone, cost industry more than $14 billion annually. Pushed, pulled or driven through your workplace, Darcor casters are also silent partners, dramatically reducing noise and noise-related injury as they improve mobility.  

The ergo-friendly caster


Darcor’s casters provide ERGO LONGEVITY™. ERGO LONGEVITY means our casters will maintain ergonomic mobility performance for the long term. Ergonomic mobility is the rolling resistance and swiveling force of a caster when a load is applied. The lower the force and resistance, the better the performance.


Swiveling forces are typically the largest mobility force that a cart will experience. Darcor’s casters are specially designed to tackle high swiveling forces by providing ergonomically sound wheels, effective swivel offsets and multi-wheel configurations.


High performance casters can be the difference between a healthy and unhealthy worker. Darcor’s wheel technology will provide high performance and reduce push/pull forces. This means less chance of injury in the field. Decreasing the risk of injury, translates to lower injury-related costs for the company.

Push/pull force

Push/pull forces are the quantitative measures of the force required to move and sustain a cart’s movement. By reducing these forces, a worker can easily, safely, and efficiently move product.
caster technology

Caster Technology

Wheel and caster technology enhance workplace ergonomics while reducing costs and injuries and increasing output.
fork free workplace ergonomics


Going fork-free can reduce operational costs and injuries that occur from forklift accidents. Choosing an ergonomic caster will make the switch to forklift free environment easier.

By Industry

Caster solutions to fit specific industries and applications to enhance workplace ergonomics. Match your industry’s ergonomic needs with the right caster.


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